Chequity Guide for Beginners

Welcome to this guide, we’ll try you show everything that you need to know if you are new at our website. If you still have questions after reading this guide, don’t hesitate to contact us at our social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) or via the contact form.

What is Chequity?

Chequity is simple and easy to use the GPT (Get-Paid-To) website. Chequity rewards you with points for completing different tasks like filling surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, and much more. Then you can exchange these points for various types of rewards such as gift cards, cryptocurrencies, and more.

So I just signed up, what should I do?

The first thing you should do once you have signed up at Chequity is head over to your email and confirm your email address. After that, you can use Chequity without any limits, go to the settings if you have a promo code so you can activate that.

How can I start earning?

You can start earning points by clicking on the earn tab in your dashboard and taking a look at the different offers. Whenever you complete an offer or answer a survey from any offer wall, the listed points will be credited to your Chequity account

How much are points worth?

1000 points are equal to $1(USD) real-world currency. So that means you need at least 5000 points to withdraw your desired reward. It may seem to be too much, but you can earn it fast.

Chequity navigation explained

This is your main page that displays a lot of information like your statistics, recent activity, and some challenges that you can complete to earn more points and featured offers that you can complete as well as your referral code.

This page is where you have all your tasks, surveys and offers that you can complete to earn points. There are many different offers to choose from, but one of the best ways to earn points is to select offers that give you a lot of points when you complete them.

This is where you have the rewards that you can get by exchanging your earned points and some information that you should read before making a withdraw.

Here you can see your referral information like your referral code which you can share with your friends to earn even more points, your referral stats. There’s also more information about the referral system where you can read to understand more about it.

Here you have access to all of your account settings. You can change your avatar, account settings, control privacy, notifications settings. You can also redeem promo codes in here, you also have your withdraw history and account information here.

What ways can I access Chequity?

You can access Chequity website from almost every device, including a smartphone, desktop or laptop, and tablet. Our website is optimized and fully functional for different devices like smartphones and tablets.

How does the referral system work?

After you sign up, you get your unique referral link which can be found in the referrals page. You can share this link on social media, your blog, or with your friends. For every user you refer, you will earn the equivalent of 5% from any points earned by that user. So, for example, if your friend completes an offer that rewards them 3000 points, you will receive 150 points. You can also find your referral stats in the referrals page. If you want to get more referrals, please read the guide below:
How to get more referrals at Chequity

What rewards does Chequity provide?

Chequity has many rewards like gaming and shopping gift cards, cryptocurrencies, PayPal cash and much more. More rewards will be added in the future.

Here is a list of all rewards:

Steam wallet codes
League of Legends riot points
G2A gift cards
Xbox gift cards
PlayStation Store gift cards
– Roblox gift cards
Amazon gift cards
eBay gift cards
Google Play codes
iTunes gift cards
PayPal money/cash out

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