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How stressful! You’ve completed an offer but not been rewarded your hard earned points. Don’t worry, this can happen for a number of different reasons & usually if you really did complete the offer legitimately then you can contact the offer wall who will review your case.

Unfortunately Chequity cannot just give you points you did not receive as we did not receive anything for that offer either, so please do not contact our support team about this. All of our offers are from 3rd party ad providers & we do not own any of the advertisements or offers we display on our website, therefore having no control over who receives points or not.

Some reasons you might have not been credited:

  • You entered false information into the survey.
  • You was using a VPN, Proxy or AdBlocker software.
  • You tried to exploit or cheat the offer in some way.
  • You already completed that offer on another earning site.
  • You didn’t follow all the steps the offers asked you to do.

If you feel like you did not do any of the steps above, then you can try to contact the support section of each offer wall. Each one has a slightly different system, so we’ve broken it down to help you do it easily.


Click the support button indicated by the red arrow.

From the popup box, you will see a blue link in the location of the red arrow, just click that & follow the on screen instructions. You will only see the support button if it knows you did not receive points.



KiwiWall offers integrated support, simply click the support option from the bottom of their wall & you will just need to follow the simple instructions to contact them about your offer.


Start by click on your number of points at the top of the offer wall.

Click on the offer which you are currently having a problem with.

Fill out all of the required information & submit it to their support team.


Using this support button on Persona.ly will show you a list of all your offers with respective buttons to contact them about an offer which you didn’t receive points for.

Usually support teams can get back to you withing a few days, but this can take longer considering the huge amount of people they have contacting them. If they reply & don’t want to credit you, there is simply nothing we can do about it as its out of our hands. We just hope to see you try again following all of the rules & instructions written on the website so that you can succeed next time.

If you can have other questions regarding offers, you can contact our support team here.

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