How to Get More Referrals on Chequity

Referring people to Chequity is the best way to earn more money quickly and easier. I’ts not easy to invite people, so we’ve compiled this list of tips so you can achieve maximum potential in your earnings!

How does the referral system work?

When a user clicks your referral link and signs up with it, he will be bound to you for life. This means that everything he earns on Chequity, you will receive a 5% cut from. This only applies on earnings over 20 points since 5% minimum would be 1 point. All referral earnings are automatically added to your balance when the user earns them, meaning you don’t have to do anything in order to redeem your points.

Okay, now you know that, lets get started!

First of all, you need to grab your referral link. You can find this from the dashboard or referral pages.

You can copy your referral link from here manually or using the copy button. We have implemented some social buttons to make it as easy as possible for you to share your referral link on social media.

How to get more referrals:

1. Share your referral link on social media

Social media is very powerful. Almost everyone has an account on one of the big players (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and visit the platforms every day. Making the most out of these platforms is important because it can increase your referral count very quickly. Sharing your code to friends brings a larger success rate because there is a better chance they will click it over a stranger.

Creating a unique piece of text for the post is important. Just copying and pasting something many others do is not great because people catch onto that. Come up with something eye catching that really wants to make the user interact with the link. How about something like “Want to earn money from home within minutes” or “Find out how i made $x with no effort at all”? Let your creative mind get to work.

2. Share your referral link on forums and online communities

Forums and other online communities are a great place to share your referral links. Usually there is dedicated sections on those websites specifically for reward websites. This means sharing your link here will more than likely bring you in a referral or two.

Keep in mind when posting to dedicated earning forums that most people there have seen all kinds of websites and take a little bit more than a pasted message to get intrigued to visit the site. Again, just make use of a creative title and enough important information and you should be good!

Reddit and Quora are the more notable websites for this, but you can find plenty of others with a quick Google search.

3. Start writing blog posts

Writing blog posts is a really unique way to get traffic to your links. There is 2 ways you can go about this method. The best way is to create your own blog where you could review all other earning websites and use that as a platform to advertise your referral links, or, you can find certain blog posts using google where you can leave a post in the comment section of already established blog posts.

Thousands of people check blog comments, but just make sure your comment is unique and doesn’t come off as spam. It’s easy to get lost within the various other spam comments you often see in blog posts. If you stand out, you will certainly gain a few clicks from blogging.

4. Create original video content

In our opinion, this is the far superior way to share your links around the internet. Although it takes a lot more time and a bit more knowledge to get started, its worth the rewards it can bring.

People prefer to consume video content than reading through long blog posts just to find a link and read about a website. Creating a video of you using the website and demonstrating how everything works is a great way to show people how it works in a very short amount of time.

We recommend using YouTube for sharing your video content, however you can use other platforms like Vimeo or Dailymotion. Keep in mind it’s great to come up with a catchy title and taking advantage of the tag systems these websites use. Make sure you can easily get found when users search for “How to earn free money” for example.


By taking advantage of creative, eye-catching titles, you can drastically increase your referral count on Chequity which will lead to automatic earnings for you if the user becomes active on the website.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase your earnings and start sharing your referral link today to the masses.

Happy earning!

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