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Mantan Bot 4 Faucet

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Daniel Souza Alves 5 BitLabs

RespectArmy 8 Faucet

Hiền Trần 8 CPX

N***d 3 Faucet

Alvaro Monge 4 Faucet

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A***y 10,263 Withdraw - Litecoin

A***y 50 Challenges

A***y 8 CPX

aleksej970 50 Challenges

aleksej970 24 Faucet

A***y 2,250 CPX

Daisy Ekwenuke 4 Faucet

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Chequity?

Chequity is a platform which pays users for completing various different offers from a wide variety of offer walls. Simply register and head over to the earn tab. You can watch videos, fill out surveys, install apps or just click on things in exchange for points. You can use the points on our huge selection of reward methods to cash out to real world currency. It couldn't be simpler!

How does Chequity work?

Chequity works by offering external offer walls to be displayed on our site. When a user completes an offer they earn points on our site, while we also earn some money for that offer. We use this money to pay our users real world currency & keep the service well maintained and online.


How do I change my email address?

Due to security reasons, we require your email to only be changed from a member of our staff. You can request that from our contact form.

How do I retrieve my old Chequity points?

Not to worry, your points are not lost! We have built a system so you can easily recover your old points. Head over to the settings page where you will be able to enter your old email to receive your old balance.


How much is 1000 points worth?

1000 points is equal to $1.00 (USD) real world currency.

Can I only earn from offer walls?

No, in the near future we will be adding new & exiting ways to earn extra points without needing to complete surveys or other standard offers. Things like bonus offers which are really easy to complete, we also have a challenge system which gives you some extra points. Be on the lookout on our social media pages where we often post promo codes which offer free points if you do not feel like completing offers!

I didn't receive my points. What can I do?

Before doing anything, make sure you did not break any of our rules. If you completed the same offer on another site, the ad company might not credit you. If you feel you did not break any rules, you can contact the adwall directly for support. You can do this by opening the offer wall tab & clicking the "Support" option usually located top right. Because we do not own the offer walls, we don't decide whether you get points or not, so we cannot help you if you do not receive your points.

How does the offer bonuses work?

Every weekend we offer a 10% bonus on all completed offers. When you complete the offer, this 10% is automatically added to your balance. However, we also have individual offer wall percentages that vary in amount at any given time. If both are active simultaneously, you will only receive the highest percentage. They will not be added together. For example: Lootably bonus is 20%, weekend bonus is also active at 10%. In this case, you will only receive a 20% bonus instead of 30%.


How does the referral system work?

When a user clicks your referral link & signs up with it, they will be bound to you for life. This means that everything they withdraw on Chequity, you will receive a 5% cut from the overall amount. All referral earnings are automatically added to your balance, meaning you don't have to do anything in order to redeem your points.

Can I change my referral to someone else?

Unfortunately, we do not allow this process to happen. Your account will only be able to be binded to one person without the ability to change at a later date. However, in the rare case something you think went wrong, contact our support team where they can investigate the problem & possibly change it for you.


What are coupons?

Coupons on Chequity are what everyone knows as promo codes. We decided to break way from the generic model & build onto the system so its more advanced, even allowing our own users to create their own coupons.

Where can I find coupons?

Coupons are most commonly found posted on our social media accounts, so be sure to follow us there for random drops. However, with our new feature, all publicly made coupons will show up directly in the website meaning you will never have to go hunting to find them!

Why should I create a coupon?

Creating coupons has no real benefit or purpose, other than being nice to others! We love sharing & we would love if our users also shared with others... you can create your own points giveaways & earn XP for your account at the same time!


How does the level system work?

You will earn XP for each important activity you do on Chequity. The XP amount varies based on the activity, but you will receive XP each time you login, complete an offer, refer someone, make a withdraw, redeem a coupon, win the leaderboard & much much more. Level XP is dynamic, you can find out your progress from your profile.

Are levels important?

Yes! Levels are very important on Chequity. We treat it as a trust system, meaning our most loyal and active users will get the best experience. The higher level you are, the more features you will unlock. Some of the important things that are level based are certain survey routers, creating & redeeming certain coupons, better faucet rewards, and decreased withdraw times.

What are all of the level unlocks?

Precision Sample, RevenueWall, Pollfish, BitLabs, Adgem, inBrain offer walls (Level 2)
YouTube video and forum post tasks (Level 3)
Create your own coupons (Level 8)
2x Faucet bonus (Level 10)
3x Faucet bonus (Level 20)
2x AutoEarn Points (Level 25)
4x Faucet bonus (Level 30)
3x AutoEarn Points (Level 75)
Custom referral code (Level 100)


How do I earn XP?

You will earn XP for each important activity you do on Chequity. The XP amount varies based on the activity, but you will receive XP each time you login, complete an offer, refer someone, make a withdraw, redeem a coupon, win the leaderboard & much much more. The XP amount you will receive will be clearly labeled around the site in blue text next to the task your are trying to undertake.

What are the XP rates for offers?

The current XP earning rate is 1 XP for every 50 points you earn.


How long does reward delivery take?

Reward delivery usually takes between 12-24 hours depending on reward type. We currently do not offer instant delivery on all rewards due to security reasons & stock counts. We take fraud very seriously, so a member of staff ensures your request is valid before allowing your request to go through our system.

What is the minimum withdraw amount?

This minimum withdraw for all rewards is $5, apart from PayPal & Cryptocurrencies, which are for any amounts (including a fee). This can vary based on the reward type as certain rewards only come in a higher minimum value. As we only deal with whole numbers, this means you will need a minimum balance of 5000 points to be able to withdraw a reward from our site.

How do instant payments work?

Our system checks for pending payments every five minutes, and if the user meets the instant payment criteria, our system sends them a payment. Please note that instant payments are currently only in beta and are only available for specific rewards

Who is eligible for instant payments?

Users who are above level 10 and have not received any offer reversals worth more than $5,00 in the last 2 weeks are eligible for instant payments. There are other criteria that we cannot share for security reasons.

You don't have a reward I want, can I get another?

We're always aiming to add more rewards to cater to everyone. If for some reason you want another reward which we dont current offer, you can contact us with your request & we will get back to you with whether or not we can supply it. Please keep in mind that this might come with an extra cost.


What is AutoEarn?

AutoEarn is a system which allows you to automatically earn points periodically by promoting Chequity in your Discord status. To get started, join our server, put chequity.io in your status and click the start earning button to earn points 24/7.

What are the requirement to be credited?

You must be online in Discord, either online, busy or do not disturb status qualify for receiving a reward. Secondly, your custom status must contain "chequity.io" or your referral link in order to receive your reward.

How much can I earn?

We are currently crediting 1 point every hour for all users, however those with higher levels will unlock a higher earning rate.

Will I stop earning if I change my status?

Yes! Sadly we can only credit you points if you have chequity.io in your Discord status. Our systems periodically check your status and if we determine your status has changed you will automatically be removed from the AutoEarn system.

What happens if I go offline?

All the while you're offline on Discord, your status isn't showing, so therefore we cannot credit you any points. There is a 12-hour cooldown period of consecutive failures to display either online status and the custom "chequity.io" status. After this period, you will be moved into an inactive earning state, and you will be required to click "Start Earning" to opt back in to the AutoEarn system.

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